Transform Your Relationships

If you want better relationships with men, create better relationships with women.

This piece of advice was the life changing wisdom that empowered me from sullen and single into a magical marriage. I was single and was in a dating rut. Sure, my friends set me up with their single guy friends and colleagues. I went on lots of blind dates only to either have no connection or never asked out for a second date. I had no idea what I was doing wrong, what I needed to change about myself, or why these nice men were not remotely attracted.

What I knew for sure was that I deeply desired a committed relationship with an honorable man who absolutely loved me and I loved equally. My journey to finding and marrying that amazing man, was filled with valuable lessons,  key experiences, and mentors who came into my life at the right time.

That’s why I started leading gatherings for women and also developed the Feminine Power Cards.fpc_all-webgraphic

You’re Invited to an evening of Women In Magical Relationships

If you are certain you want a loving relationship in your life, there are lessons to learn. You must be open and willing.

Let’s set up a time with your women’s group. This is an enriching evening with like minded girlfriends. You may receive a new insight, support you’ve been secretly craving, a When women get together for personal, spiritual and relationship growth, the energy that we cultivate brings about more oxytocin (which is good for women’shealth).

We create a safe space to open yourself up a little and have some fun with women who want to support each other in increasing fulfillment in life. You’re invited to our evening of Women In Touch with Their Magic .

Contact Laura to create this special shared time of connecting to your heart and attracting magical relationships.



  • Centering. Shifting you into magical relationships energy.
  • Watch Movie, “Duty Dating”
  • Feminine Power Coaching on steps to shifting into YOUR magical relationship

“Duty Dating” Movie Trailer




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