One Reply to “What Men Talk About”

  1. Coach Laura

    Dear Perplexed,
    Well, I too had to go to the source… men… to derive this answer. Like most questions about men, the answer is simple. They like talking about cars, sports, and things. It’s fun for them. In fact, this is one way they do their male bonding. Also, they don’t think to talk about emotions.

    My personal theory has to do with male neurology. There are fewer connections in the male brain’s corpus callosum. This is the area which joins the right and left hemispheres. That means less connections between the logical and emotional sides of our brain. Now, just because they don’t talk about emotions doesn’t mean they don’t have them. They will talk about what they feel under certain circumstances where they feel safe to do so. If he’s resistant to your prodding for talking about feelings, watch yourself. Uncover if there is something you can do to provide a safe place for him. Here’s a hint: accept him as he is right now.

    Wishing you every joy,
    Coach Laura

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