What Happens When Women Speak?

Earlier this year I learned about the opporutnity to participate in the Voices Of The 21st Century: Bold, Brave, And Brilliant Women Who Make A Difference book as a contributing author. This is not a new thing to me as I have been in several collaborative books including the first edition. So I really had to ask myself why do this again? Did I have another story to tell? I sat with this a long time. I thought about skipping it.

And then I realized several things…

If things are going to change in the culture for women, we must continue speaking, writing and collaborating. When I do share about the immense power we women have, it’s a way of adding to the collective energy in our world that we have a voice, we are powerful. Furthermore, I want to be a model that invites and encourages other women to speak up (with books, blogs, video, and public speaking).

Woman Leader Speaker Laura Rubinstein

Each woman will share her light and message in her own way. I knew that I could write the chapter because I’d have the support of the collective of 49 other women, I HAD to say yes to this. Along with the desire to write the full book companion to the Feminine Power Cards (that I’ve had for many years now), this chapter would provide the launching pad for doing so.

Voices Of The 21st Century: Bold, Brave, And Brilliant Women Who Make A Difference is not just another compilation book. It’s a community, collaborative network, and a force for change in our world.

How To Support Women In Causing Positive Culture Change

If you know women are vital to the culture shift, please add your energy by taking consistent action toward that goal.

  • Encourage a women who feels down
  • Stand up powerfully (not angrily) to any person who puts women down
  • Write a chapter in the next Voices of The 21st Century book
  • Buy the book on September 10th and show your solidarity for women change makers
  • Women are the change makers. May we wake up and inspire the shift in humanity to be more tolerant, health conscious, just, and environmentally honorable.

Yes, I am writing my own book. But that is a HUGE commitment and it is finally coming together. The chapter I contributed is entitled “When Women Gather, The World Changes. ” It is one of the principles in the Feminine Power Cards and the chapter is actually an excerpt from the full book. This is, in fact, the first thing I’ve written for the book and now with it being a part of the Voices of The 21st Century book I now have 49 other women, pre-seeding my next book?

Consistent Attention Creates Change

The only way to keep the momentum going in my life and support other women is to keep writing, keep speaking, and never go into complacency. So I write, I blog, I livestream about Feminine Power and the Feminine Power Cards and I am here for you and for our world.