Want More Joy for the Holidays and Beyond?

Joy is a very popular word during the holidays. Many people associate it with the upbeat and hopeful music. Others with the opportunity to party. Kids especially get joy out of receiving gifts.  I am dedicated to joy throughout the year. It is my life’s purpose. To spread and inspire people to have more joy in their lives. So the holidays marks the time when I feel there is an opportunity to remind everyone that joy is accessible any time.

During this time of year, a significant amount of people experience the opposite of joy. It is understandable for there are a lot of stressors that people experience. I’d like to share two items for cultivating a sense of hope and joy during this time.

The first is a video that my colleague, Lisa Mininni, and I put together. We collaborated on this and had so much fun putting this together. I know it will inspire you to think about consciously creating joy. We’ve titled it Up Your Joy… just a little humor in alignment with the true nature of our message.

Embedded video coming soon. Click link to view.

Share the movie link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmZihZiJgK8

Feminine Power Card

The second is another card from the deck of Feminine Power Cards. The card reads, “When you don’t know where to go, go within.”

So what does going within mean to you? When you hear yourself saying negative responses to this. That is not going within. Rather that is an act of avoiding. So stay with me and let your inner critic keep babbling but take it with a grain of salt and go beyond this voice to the quieter more compassionate place. Ask this part of you some questions:

What am I feeling?
What do I need?
What’s important?
How can you get this for yourself with harming yourself or others?
What will bring me joy in this moment?
Practice cultivating joy (no matter what problems you have). Make a list of things that make you happy and bring you joy. I recommend doing this when you are in a positive frame of mind if possible. Do one nurturing, self-honoring, joy-creating thing for yourself.  Make it something that doesn’t seem like a burden; something that feels nurturing and soul nourishing.
Here are some ideas.
a. Take a walk in a beautiful place
b. Get a manicure and/or pedicure
c. Get a massage
d. Take a bath
e. Light a candle and spend 5 minutes in reflection
f. Sing in the shower
g. Go for a run
h. Go somewhere inspiring in your mind for 5 minutes
i.  List the things you are grateful for in your life
j. Create something
k. Prepare a nutritious meal for yourself
l.  Volunteer time at an elderly facility or other place
where people will be healed by your presence
m. Cry (it’s very cleansing and healing)
n. Rent a chick-flick or comedy
o. Take a sauna, Jacuzzi.
p. Take a nap
q. Go swimming
r. Do some stretching or yoga
s. Dance
t. Write your praises
u. Clean your kitchen
v. Listen to a hypnosis or guided mediation Tape or CD
(some available at www.SanDiegoHypnosisWorks.com)

What do you do that brings you joy? Please share your ideas and comment below. You never know when something you share makes a big difference in someone else’s life.

Wishing you a joy-filled holiday.

Coach Laura

One Reply to “Want More Joy for the Holidays and Beyond?”

  1. Viveca

    Albert brings me joy. In fact I call him “Albert The Joy Dog.” We adopted him in April of this year and it was not obvious that good things came in small packages! He was the most neurotic little dog you can imagine BUT within a month of healthy boundaries and exercise, discipline & affection (Dog Whisperer to our rescue!) he has become an awesome addition to our family.

    That success inspired another adoption, Alaska Le Chat.

    Albert thinks that Alaska is a toy, a playmate we brought home just for him! They have more fun together.

    Some of my most joyful times lately have been when I stop everything and just watch them play …

    Oh and Alaska runs away from me if I am too tense. Great reminder. Animals are the cheapest and most loving of healers on this planet.

    Great topic. Happy to find you today.


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