Should I jump right back on?

I just ended a very short but deep relationship.  I am thinking of getting right back on the saddle after two weeks of thinking about what I could do differently in a relationship.  Do you think it would be too soon to seek a candidate for a relationship?

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  1. Coach Laura

    Hmmm. I’m sensing a pattern here. If you really want to see what’s really going on, I recommend slowing down. Do things a little differently. It may be a little uncomfortable, but that’s good. If you are falling back into what feels comfortable or familiar, you’re in your old pattern. If you want similar results stick with it and jump right back on.

    If you want to take the opportunity to really learn about yourself and create a longer term rewarding relationship, continue thinking about the relationship. Consider what needs you were trying to get met, and what feelings you experienced and what you really want. Then you can determine your intention for your next relationship and take it very slow. The slower you take it the more room you will have to identify your patterns and do your inner-work to move beyond them.

    Here’s to your JOY.
    Coach Laura

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