What If I'd Acted Differently?

Last week, my boyfriend broke up with me after I got very emotional. I didn’t say anything mean or hurtful.  But I am wondering if things would have turned out differently if I had been able to hold my cool and breathe into the space and get centered before speaking.  I would love a second chance with him. Help?
Broken Hearted

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  1. Coach Laura

    Dear Broken Hearted,

    It is perfectly normal to feel like you did something to cause the breakup. However, I caution you about your thinking about things working out differently if you had acted differently. That is a sign of controlling behavior.

    Our feminine energy is pure desire and emotion. Your expression of that bursting out was perfect. You were not hurtful. You were authentic… beautiful job. And in reflection you are learning so much about yourself. Please give up making yourself wrong for your emotional expression. A man in love with you would be able to be with that and not run. He was most likely waiting for that to happen so he could find a way to say what he’s been withholding too. That is feminine power at work… revealing the truth.

    You are magnificent. Continue to honor your feelings and trust yourself. If you are meant to learn and love together, then trust that it will be so. You do not need to manage the universe or pine away from him. Focus on you and rebuilding your life and spirit.

    Live joyously,
    Coach Laura

  2. BH

    Thanks, Laura, for your helpful insight. It puts the situation in perspective and brings some clarity to a confusing situation. You are right, I need to focus on rebuilding my life and spirit, and also I need not interfere with the intelligence of the cosmos!

    Thanks again.

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