Pollinate The Planet With Love Interview – How To Embody Wisdom

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Making the choice to honor my natural I loved to play in (from my early life) was not obvious tool to use at first given the direction I thought I should go in. Nonetheless, it was the perfect guidance system that I was born with.  I now find myself in a life that really works!

Here is a heart inspiring interview where Beth Bell helped me to share the journey to my soul. Once I set a course to have a juicy life both professionally and personally, there was no going back. The goal being going from incompentent, to consciously competent, to finally unconsciously competent. This “soul quickening” and hunger to grow allowed me to embody and live from the wisdom I gained during this rich time.

If you’re going through struggles, make the most of it. Explore the feelings, wonder about your desires, trust that you are magnificent.

You WILL be taken on a soul-enriching journey as you trust the process.