Planet Success Strategies – What Are Yours?

There are so many things we have taken for granted with the many conveniences of our modern life. Running water, plastic wrappings and containers, our clothing, electronics and fast food. We have come accustomed to throwing away many of these items. We have become a disposable society. The problem is, our landfills are filling up, we are running out of clean potable water and the animals we cohabitate the earth with are dying because of our habits. What can we do?

What if each of us, create one new habit every so often that would care for our planet. Ask yourself, what can I reuse, recycle or regift? Over the last few years, I was encouraged by my husband to start taking canvas bags to the grocery store. Numerous times I left the bags in the trunk of the car. But I didn’t give up. There were times when I left the bags in the trunk and remembered when shopping. So I just went back out to the car and retrieved the bag or I hand carried items out. Over time, I started remembering the bags more and more. My next habit is to use less water.

Please comment here and share what you’re doing for the planet. What tips do you have for others? Why are you passionate about this?

I’m so glad we’re working together on this.
Warm Regards,
Coach Laura