Mom Wants to Feel more Powerful

I’m a stay at home Mom and I want to feel more powerful. I don’t because my husband is the sole income earner in the house. He gives me an allowance. I feel very subordinate to him.  What can I do to feel more like an equal to him?

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  1. Coach Laura

    Dear Mom,

    In this day and age when money seems to be a focus it is understandable that you are measuring power and equality by money. You have a tremendous opportunity to understand the power you have.

    First of all, you have attracted a man into your life who is the father of your children and wants to provide all he can to make sure they get the BEST of YOU.

    Really, if you shift your focus on earnings to a new source of revenue it can change your whole sense of your power. Your revenue source is not in income earnings it is in the quality of love and psychic rewards you get from your role as Chief Nurturer of Future Generations.

    This is an awesome responsibility very powerfully taken on by you. You have a variety of skills and talents you put into this. Your life energy and creativity are critical to your success. It’s time to recognize the value you provide. You are doing work equally important (if not more) than the work of income earning. If your husband tried your role full time, how would he compare in the areas of nurturing, care taking, intuitively understanding others needs/feelings, organizing, orchestrating events, etc.? He may not fare as well, but he probably does not spend much time thinking he’s less powerful than you. The point is, you must shift your focus and acknowledge the power-full woman you already are, the contribution you make and the importance that it is.

    Here’s to your power.

    Joy-fully Yours,
    Coach Laura

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