How to be more RESILIENT?

Do you know what impacts health and longevity the

EDUCATION is top of the list!

That’s why I’m always reading books, listening to audio programs, and attending quality trainings. I’ll bet you do too.

I have come across a particularly useful book called “UPPING the Downside” by Master Developmental Coach, Mike R. Jay.

Mike’s book is all about how to design professional resilience. (Did you know
you could actually design your life to be more resilient?)

The book is discounted to $9.97 (an amazing deal) today only, Friday, March 14. When you buy the book today, you’ll also receive a huge collection of Resilience Bonuses worth over $8,500 generously provided by Experts and Leaders around the world (including yours truly) .
This is Mike’s way of saying thank you for buying his book today!

Bonus materials include software, audios, videos, live teleclasses, online courses, e-guides,
blogging support, coaching, consulting, even tickets to live in-person events!

These are all Bonuses with substance you can begin implementing right away to generate more resilience now! I love a good deal. Don’t you?

For the list of many of the Bonuses you get with your purchase, follow this link:

Here’s to your resilience!

Coach Laura

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  1. generati

    Thanks Laura for supporting our book launch. We will be happy to feature you to our resilience community and tell people about all the things you are doing at women in joy, as well as

    Our lifetime membership will be open to anyone purchasing a book and we welcome with open arms anyone who is working on resilience. We invite people to join in becoming more resilient and to share their stories with us.



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