How To Achieve Balance

Women today are feeling tremendous amounts of stress. The automatic response to resolving feelings of stress many women resort to is “doing.” However, powering through and taking action initially actually increases stress. If you want to lower stress, try slowing down and taking some time to feel. The importance of slowing down is typically underestimated and dismissed by many success oriented, goal driven women. Why is that? Slowing down feels uncomfortable. In this instant gratification society we try to avoid feeling uncomfortable. We take a pill, eat some food, watch media, often times to drown out the noise and stress in our lives. Over time, however, the stress actually builds because it’s never resolved.

Good News About Stress

Stress and all your feelings is a rich gold mine of guidance and answers to fully healing stress. Think about it, the reason you feel stress is because something is out of alignment in your life. It may be temporary or a long term circumstance. Whatever it is, it is important to get clear. Try this, when you want to go and do something stop for a moment.

Sit down, and take a full breath in. Breathe into your heart. Ask yourself, what is the most loving thing I can do for myself right now? Let your heart answer. If your mind says, this is nonsense, get up and do something else, take another breath in. Then ask the question in another way, “What does my body, mind and soul really need right now?” Allow yourself to sit with that question for 1-2 minutes. It may seem like a long time. Give it a go. Don’t try to make up an answer, just sit with the question. Then take another breath. As you inhale and exhale, say to yourself, “I now allow myself to feel love and be nurtured. I breathe in love and breathe out nurturing.” Do that for 3-5 breaths.

As you practice being a loving presence, you will find that you feel more in balance and your stress levels are greatly reduced.

Honoring Your Feelings Is A Sign Of Strength

Women have been mislead that showing your feelings and allowing your feminine side to show is a sign of weakness. Since the age of the superwoman is OVER, it is time to move into the truth. Your feelings are your souls way of communicating your truth. Your wisdom lies within the depths of your feelings. As you sit with your feelings they have many layers of insight just waiting for  you to uncover. Going deeper with curiosity can lead to the most powerful source of answers, and guidance you have available to you today. We must learn to interpret these feelings newly with great respect. Please comment about what you discover as you sit with and uncover the hidden riches of your soul.