How Do I Find My Life Path and Work?

Dear Coach Laura,

I am struggling to figure out what I should do next for my work. I am talented at many things. I am an artist, healer and engineer. There are many options and I don’t know which way to go. I need an income and have a lot of fear. I feel paralyzed about making the next move. Help.

Stagnated with Passion

Dear Passionate One,

First of all, I invite you to celebrate all of your gifts and talents. You are truly blessed with so many skills, intelligence and creative energy. I sense you want to serve others. You do not need to “figure it out” at this point. When you are in fear about making the “right” choice, you need to get out of your head. Stop the mind-chatter. There are three steps I recommend to align with your life work.

1. Ask different questions. Instead of asking, “What is my life work?” ask How can I serve others with my gifts? What do others seek me out for? What value do I enjoy providing? Where can I serve someone today? Don’t think about the answers. Rather, let the question go and allow the answers emerge. Continue to ask different questions until something emerges. Give it time. Instead of focusing on figuring out the answers notice what brings you joy (you knew I would say that). Bring your attention to what brings you joy in your life and make choices that bring you more joy. This brings me to step 2.

2. Connect with your highest intention: I just mentioned the intention of enhancing joy in your life. Intentions are simple energies: joy, love, fun, healing, safety, security, abundance, freedom, serving others, etc. Choose one and feel it in your body. This is key to staying out of your head and into your heart where you can soar. Intention is about what you can control… your energy. Make it light yet strong.

3. Clarify what you want. Do what is called “blue-sky thinking”. That is, assume that anything is possible for a moment. From a quality perspective what qualities do you want from your work. Great people, part time hours, minimal commute, work from home, steady paycheck, independence, freedom to set own hours, fun, making a difference in health, beauty, legal system, homeless people, etc.

These three simple steps are perspective shifters. When you change your perspective, whole new worlds open up. Simple solutions are revealed and the choices will be obvious. Other ways to release limiting thinking and change perspective include using hypnosis audios and coaching. Stay in your heart my friend and watch what happens.

Wishing you a life of joy, peace and fulfillment.

Coach Laura