How can I meet a guy? I'm chained to my desk 24-7

Hi Coach Laura,

I am a business owner and am ready for relationship. The problem is that I spend so much time working that I’m not anywhere where I can meet a guy. What do you recommend for a busy professional for meeting men?

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  1. Coach Laura

    If you are really serious about meeting a guy, you’ll have to make yourself more available. If you really can’t get out of your chair, at least go online and dedicate 30 minutes/day to meeting people online. There are some very reputable dating sites. Also, there are discussion groups (probably for those like you who are busy professionals looking to meet someone). My guess is that you do get out. Do you go shopping? Do you go to see doctors? Do you walk your dogs? Do you ride an elevator? Do you ever wind up in a parking lot? Do you ever meet friends for social time (have them bring along a single friend)? Men are everywhere. How about asking your friends for people they can set you up with? Don’t cringe, you need the practice. Try taking a break at lunch. Start making eye contact and smiling with people you see everyday. See if you can smile with eye contact for 3-5 full seconds

    Remember ALL MEN ARE PRACTICE. Don’t discriminate against who you interact with. You will want to practice authentic graceful communication., This way when “your” guy comes along you can receive him well, be clear about what you want, and be a better partner all around.

    I can give you TONS of ideas. You’ll have to make some effort. You can still keep working lots of hours. I do recommend some balance. Do take care of yourself. Make sure you are happy with you and your life. If not, you will attract someone whose purpose will be a lesson in getting there. It’s all good.

    I wish you every joy.
    Coach Laura

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