What Happens When Women Speak?

Earlier this year I learned about the opporutnity to participate in the Voices Of The 21st Century: Bold, Brave, And Brilliant Women Who Make A Difference book as a contributing author. This is not a new thing to me as I have been in several collaborative books including the first edition. So I really had to ask myself why do this again? Did I have another story to tell? I sat with this a long time. I thought about skipping it.

And then I realized several things…

If things are going to change in the culture for women, we must continue speaking, writing and collaborating. When I do share about the immense power we women have, it’s a way of adding to the collective energy in our world that we have a voice, we are powerful. Furthermore, I want to be a model that invites and encourages other women to speak up (with books, blogs, video, and public speaking).

Woman Leader Speaker Laura Rubinstein

Each woman will share her light and message in her own way. I knew that I could write the chapter because I’d have the support of the collective of 49 other women, I HAD to say yes to this. Along with the desire to write the full book companion to the Feminine Power Cards (that I’ve had for many years now), this chapter would provide the launching pad for doing so.

Voices Of The 21st Century: Bold, Brave, And Brilliant Women Who Make A Difference is not just another compilation book. It’s a community, collaborative network, and a force for change in our world.

How To Support Women In Causing Positive Culture Change

If you know women are vital to the culture shift, please add your energy by taking consistent action toward that goal.

  • Encourage a women who feels down
  • Stand up powerfully (not angrily) to any person who puts women down
  • Write a chapter in the next Voices of The 21st Century book
  • Buy the book on September 10th and show your solidarity for women change makers
  • Women are the change makers. May we wake up and inspire the shift in humanity to be more tolerant, health conscious, just, and environmentally honorable.

Yes, I am writing my own book. But that is a HUGE commitment and it is finally coming together. The chapter I contributed is entitled “When Women Gather, The World Changes. ” It is one of the principles in the Feminine Power Cards and the chapter is actually an excerpt from the full book. This is, in fact, the first thing I’ve written for the book and now with it being a part of the Voices of The 21st Century book I now have 49 other women, pre-seeding my next book?

Consistent Attention Creates Change

The only way to keep the momentum going in my life and support other women is to keep writing, keep speaking, and never go into complacency. So I write, I blog, I livestream about Feminine Power and the Feminine Power Cards and I am here for you and for our world.


Pollinate The Planet With Love Interview – How To Embody Wisdom

Listen to ““Transform Today & Live Your Purpose” With Laura Rubinstein” on Spreaker.

Making the choice to honor my natural I loved to play in (from my early life) was not obvious tool to use at first given the direction I thought I should go in. Nonetheless, it was the perfect guidance system that I was born with.  I now find myself in a life that really works!

Here is a heart inspiring interview where Beth Bell helped me to share the journey to my soul. Once I set a course to have a juicy life both professionally and personally, there was no going back. The goal being going from incompentent, to consciously competent, to finally unconsciously competent. This “soul quickening” and hunger to grow allowed me to embody and live from the wisdom I gained during this rich time.

If you’re going through struggles, make the most of it. Explore the feelings, wonder about your desires, trust that you are magnificent.

You WILL be taken on a soul-enriching journey as you trust the process.



How To Say No And Stay In Alignment With Your True Self

Have you ever said “yes”, when you knew you wanted to say “no” to an invitation or request? We’ve all been there. The guilt is so intense. Saying yes allows us to avoid feeling guilty. However, there is a BIG cost to denying our truth. Especially if that is a pattern of avoiding guilt, confrontation or standing up for yourself. Then you are digging yourself into a hole of lack of self-respect. The good news is you can start right now digging yourself out of this hole and into your wholeness.

Try this paradigm on to help you live in alignment with your true self and feel great about saying no… When you say “no” and that is the aligned truth, you are taking care of everyone including the person making the invitation or request. Think about it, it’s not in their highest good if you say “yes” but you’re heart isn’t in it. Right!

How To Say “No” Graciously

If you’re concerned about HOW can you say no and feel good about it, here are some ideas on how to graciously say no. Start by saying thank you. For example you could say, “Thank you so much for thinking of me. It means a lot to me, but at this time I need to decline.” You could stop there or go on to say, “It’s not feeling like the right fit (or thing for me) at the moment. If something changes, I’ll let you know.”

Your Feminine Power Boost Creates A Ripple Effect

When you practice saying “no” (when it’s aligned with your true self), you are essentially saying to your soul, I value you enough to honor what is best for you. You are building a great relationship with yourself and being a role model for others. This is a truly compassionate act your are doing for yourself.

By honoring yourself you are cultivating your inner feminine power. We need women to do this consistently. When we respect ourselves in this way others will respect us too.

How To Break Bad Relationship Pattern

Are you stuck in a relationship rut? You know you either keep finding unsatisfactory partners, no love connection, or you simply have been avoiding relationships all together. If this is true, and yet in your heart of hearts you secretly desire the love of your life, there is hope. The good news is you are aware of the frustration. In fact, feeling those uncomfortable emotions is going to help. If you have been trying to ignore, deny, or stuff those feelings, try something new. When you can give those feelings some air time, you may begin to realize that the reason they are there is because of the underlying desire to have more love in your life. If you didn’t want love, you would be frustrated, scared, sad, ____ (you fill in the blank).

Shifting perspective about your feelings to something like: Your emotions allow you great insight and can be used as a tool to get what you want. Read that last line a few times and maybe even reword it the way you would say it.

Honestly ask yourself:

What am I feeling? And simply feel it.

What do I want to feel?

How can I create that?

If your answers include someone else having to do something, then try answering the question by getting what you want through your own efforts and resources.

If you want to have more love in your life, cultivate joy first and foremost. It truly is the magic antidote. Even if you don’t immediately find the love of your life, you will be happy by default.

Recently, I had a discussion with John Gray, PhD, Charles J. Orlando, Barbara Shiffman and Kelly Crossing about breaking the pattern of creating bad relationships. Watch below and find more inspiration in the Feminine Power Cards. A personal relationship coaching deck to keep in your purse, desk or share with clients and friends.

Journey To Joy Book A Celebration of The Heart

A Journey to Joy is sometimes ordinary to the naked eye, but to the critical observer and the woman who lived it, her journey is one of magnificent courage and perhaps a leap of faith into uncharted waters.Journey To Joy book

Within the pages of this uplifting anthology book we share an array of intimate and heartfelt stories by real and inspiring women who have found true joy and freedom through the living of everyday life, as well as those who are still finding their way on this path. Each journey is unique – and not always pretty – but you will surely see the beauty through their words.

A Journey to Joy is sometimes experienced by stepping out of one’s comfort zone and always accompanied by life lessons. The newly acquired wisdom is sometimes hard-won and yet it often becomes the sweetest to savor. These stories reveal the depth of the lives of these incredible women – the bitter and sweet, the fruitful and lost, the hard-fought battles and the ease of allowing.

There are as many paths to joy as there are women. Enjoy, celebrate and discover your own joy through these touching, true stories.


Discover these Joyful Lessons and Savor the Gifts:

  • Dedicating yourself to your life’s purpose is a gift to the world
  • Healing from unspeakable tragedy comes with many gifts
  • You attract who you are, not what you want
  • Financial abundance doesn’t bring joy; emotional abundance does
  • Angels are all around you; all you need do is call on them
  • How to live life and even thrive after the loss of a loved one
  • When the student is ready the teacher will appear
  • Rays of sunshine are ever-present – even behind the clouds
  • Creativity lives in each of us and we can consciously awaken it
  • Forgiveness forges its’ own path to love and joy
  • You were born worthy and deserving of great good

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If you’d like to be free of the story that is holding you back from the joy of being the woman you know is within you, you’ll want to read this book.