Are men put off by powerful women?

Many women over the years have commented to me or asked about being powerful and how men respond to a powerful woman. My response is it all depends on how you define powerful. Some women’s ideas of what a powerful woman is would be off putting to men. The characteristics of bullying, competing directly, trying to force or manipulate people or situations or using demeaning remarks that criticize are all traits that turn men off. A woman in her feminine power, however, is a magnetic force that most honorable men can’ get enough of.

These power traits that are compelling include:

  • A woman who knows how to make herself happy and expresses her joy.
  • A woman who takes responsibility for her life and financial well-being. This doesn’t mean you have to be rich (though you could be) Rather you come from a place of stability. The minute a man senses you “need” him, he’ll be running.
  • A woman who communicates her needs and desires directly.
  • A woman who honors her emotions and takes responsibility for having them. She never resorts to blame, shame or guilt.
  • A woman who makes choices that honor herself and her well-being.

Recently, a 60 year old extremely successful woman client of mine relayed to me that she has realized that over the years men have really appreciated her and been drawn to her work as a financial advisor because she is a woman who could match them intellectually and competently, and yet have a gracious quality to her client relationships and delivery of her work. Feminine Power Cards - Radiant Woman

The Feminine Power Card that says, “A Woman In Joy is a Radiant Woman” really says it all. A woman in joy makes herself a priority. She takes care of herself to the point where she consciously creates joy in her life. When you create joy in your life, and you freely express it you are living authentically. Most likely you have all the power traits that are compelling. So I urge you to create more joy and live power-fully. Please share how you live power-fully.

Here’s to power-full you.

Coach Laura

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  1. supportcoach

    Great post.

    A woman fully in her feminine power and knowing truly who she is, is indeed very attractive to a man. A man who is himself comfortable with himself.

    In my coaching, I frequently encounter women who have realized their power after they have been in their relationships for a while.

    When they get a taste of who they are and what is possible for them, she begins to grow and shift into the amazing powerful she is. The man who has shared her life for several years, who is used to her being the way she was, is seeing her literally change before his eyes into someone he doesn’t know and someone he can’t relate to.

    Instead of acknowledging her power and seeking to co-exist with it, he frequently resists it and struggles to bring things back to the way they were.

    Many times, these great women acquiesce and put their dreams on hold just to keep ‘peace’ at home. For others, when they have had a taste of success and power, there is no going back to the way it was.

    And she shouldn’t have to. Bottom line is that no woman actually needs a man in order to be successful. When she embraces that, she is cleared for flight and can grow as she wishes. When he gets it, he can shift to be in the flow with her power, and not struggle against it.

    One of the greatest gifts any of us have in life is to recognize our true authentic self and to allow ourselves to live into it.

    Being your true self is to live powefully. From this moment, the next unfolds and life becomes an amazing empowering journey.

    And your partner has a choice as to whether they share this new adventure with you.

    Be successful – together

    Mark Semple CCC
    2007 International Coach of the Year

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